is the industry's leading provider of web-based ACLS certification and online renewal programs. Our comprehensive training will provide health care professionals with the knowledge and skills required when treating patients who are having a stroke, cardiac arrest or other life-threatening medical emergencies. We offer courses for both pediatric and adult specific techniques.

Our online ACLS training course has been modeled after the most current American Heart Association guidelines and you have the option to complete the course with or without purchasing the training manual. The course and test itself are available completely online and you must have a passing score prior to ordering an ACLS certification or ACLS recertification provider card. Students have the ability complete the course at their own pace.

After successful completion of our course, you will immediately receive an email with your test scores and a digital copy of your ACLS certification card. The actual provider card will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days. Our training course is completely web based and doesn't require an in person skills test.

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Fast 100% Online ACLS Training, Certification and Recertification

Whether you are looking to renew your ACLS card or complete your ACLS certification the first time, is a leader in providing quality and fast courses that include free same day review. Our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) online courses can be accessed right after you order either one or both of our programs. You may either click the link on the order confirmation page or access the course via the email receipt which is automatically sent upon placement of your order. Once you've logged on to the online ACLS training course, you can log off and return at any time until satisfied with your preparation. The actual test will require you to complete it in one sitting so be sure you have ample preparation and actual time set aside to not be rushed as you take the ACLS certification or renewal exam.

24/7 Free Same-Day Review and Rush Email Provider Card Now Available is proud to now offer you with free same-day test score review. You will be able to see how you scored on the ACLS course immediately after you have answered the last question. If you do not pass the ACLS test, you'll be able to retake the exam at no cost and right away or at a later time that works with your schedule. If you get a passing score, our health advisor staff will be notified and immediately send your email provider card to the email address we have on file when you initially ordered. We are excited to now offer these same day service and email card options 7 days a week and with the intent of providing a convenient solution for doctors, nurses, pediatricians and other health care providers who need their ACLS certification fast and according to their schedule.

New 100% Online Training Courses to Certify in Both ACLS and PALS

In an effort to offer the most convenient and user-friendly experience for our clients, now offers 100% online ACLS training courses as well as PALS. These classes prepare you for the actual exam and are written to be based after the most current AHA and ECC guidelines. While we encourage health practitioners to always be familiar with the official study manual and procedures, our online courses provide a means for those who are busy and interested in a more convenient option to prepare for the ACLS recertification or initial exams. The ACLS training courses can be accessed immediately on line after purchase and there is no time constraint or limitations to how much you review the preparation material prior to the test. Once you feel comfortable with the information provided in the study course, you can then move on to the ACLS certification or renewal exam.

No Skills Assessment Test Required: Get Certified or Renew 100% Online

The programs and courses we offer here at do not have a hidden skills evaluation check required in order to receive your ACLS certification or recertification. The ACLS test is designed to be taken and finished 100% online and there is no time limit that you must adhere to. We encourage all potential clients to check with their place of employment to determine the specific requirements that they must follow to ensure that their ACLS renewal or certification is accepted. Additionally, our health advisors suggest all medical practitioners stay current with new and approved techniques, literature and accepted protocol in an effort to be well suited for any emergency situation. If required, we can assist medical practitioners in the proper steps to secure their skills check along with their ACLS examination.

Fully Endorsed and Approved Programs by Actual Medical Dooctors is a leader of online health education and training programs while also being one of the oldest providers of online ACLS certification & training. Our fast Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes have received notoriety from doctors, pediatricians, nurses, surgeons and other medical professionals and we look forward to making your renewal or initial a fantastic experience as well. Our ACLS training programs and exams have been designed in a way to offer convenience while covering the core medical principles and procedures which practitioners need to know in order to be effective in emergency situations and circumstances. If you have been looking to get your ACLS online renewal or initial, consider our fast and effective classes which are 100% web-based and have serviced thousands of other practitioners just like you.

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